Danish News Round-Up: Extra spicy, but not in a good way

Danish News Round-Up: Extra spicy, but not in a good way

A brand of tortilla chips is being withdrawn from sale due to the risk that they have been contaminated with higher than normal doses of atropine and scopolamine.

Paulig is recalling all packages of its organic Santa Maria Tortilla Chips with an expiration date of March 30, 2023 or earlier.

Unwelcome addition
Small doses of atropine and scopolamine, both members of the nightshade family, are found in potato chips/crisps.

They are more commonly used in medicine as a moderator of the parasympathetic nervous system

SAS pilots are now voting on whether they want to accept a new agreement
The SAS pilot dispute could be resolved on August 6, when the unions in Norway, Sweden and Denmark have completed their vote on whether to accept the new agreement proposed by their employer. Voting began this morning after the deal was struck late last night. A refusal could result in another strike. Danish Pilots’ Association chairman Henrik Thyregod expects a large majority of his members to support the deal, reports DR. In total, the pilots went on strike for 15 days from July 4 to 19, disrupting the holiday plans of tens of thousands.

Minced chicken product withdrawn
Someone has entered the wrong number when they set the expiry date for packages of minced chicken sold in all the large Coop Danmark supermarkets. Instead of July 30, the packages for minced chicken with a fat content of 3 to 6 percent and 7 to 10 percent are marked August 30. The product has been on sale at Dagli’Brugsen, Superbrugsen, Fakta, Coop365 and Kvickly.

Danish man charged with Tuscan boat crash
A Danish man has been charged with negligent homicide in connection with the boat accident in Tuscany on Saturday that killed a 58-year-old Italian man and most likely killed a woman who has been missing since the crash. He was responsible for a motorized yacht colliding with a sailboat and breaking it in two, although the captain of the other boat has also been charged. It is believed that three more Danes were on board the yacht and that all four have since returned to Denmark.

Six charged with illegal sale of e-cigarettes
Six stalls at a market in the middle of Jutland have been reported to the authorities for selling e-cigarettes with colorful flavors, which have been illegal in Denmark since April 1. An inspector from the Swedish Safety Agency noted the stalls at Vorbasse Marked at the weekend. A total of 33 businesses have been charged with the offense since April 1, according to the National Security Agency. The offense entails an automatic fine of DKK 10,000.

Source: The Nordic Page

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