You should use your credit card for this

There are divided opinions when it comes to whether you should have, and not least use, a credit card. It can be difficult to make up your own mind about this when you hear so many different things from different sources, but there is some pretty average advice that covers almost everyone, and you’ll get it here. There are many people who are afraid to use credit cards, but just like with loans, credit cards can actually be a very useful tool that can give you more options in everyday life and better insurance while you are on holiday, but it is important that you know how one must use it.

Having one credit card is something that the vast majority of people have probably decided on at another time. It is actually something that is a natural part of many bank agreements, regardless of whether you ask for it or not. You can control which amount the card should be to a certain extent and you can therefore choose a low amount if you are more comfortable with it that way. But having a credit card is something that many associate with a good thing, and something that others are a little skeptical about. Here we will look at both the advantages and disadvantages of using a credit card, so that you can get some inspiration for what you should and perhaps should not use your credit card for.

Use your credit card for this

There are many different reasons why having a credit card can be a great tool if you use it correctly, and in fact many banks recommend that you actually use a credit card and not your regular bank card when you’re on holiday – right . and simply because you are better insured if, for example, you are exposed to fraud or other things.

This is possible to do completely free of charge, because you only pay back the money you have used before 30 days have passed, which is completely clean with most banks, and therefore a great opportunity to take advantage of. You can also do this if you have a large expense before you get paid, but know that you can pay it back within a month. In short, credit cards are cheap to use in the short term.

Do not use your credit card for this

Basically, it’s just that you shouldn’t use a credit card unless you know you can pay back what you’ve spent reasonably quickly. This does not have to be within a month, but as long as you know that it is a reasonably short time horizon, it is not that expensive to use the credit card.


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