Danish news Round-Up: Avoiding the draft with the state’s blessing

Danish news Round-Up: Avoiding the draft with the state’s blessing

There will be no Defense Day this year if a bill from the Ministry of Defense were to be adopted by the Folketing.

Defense Day is the name given to the process by which young men are selected for national service by lottery.

Should they be deemed fit enough to serve, an ‘unlucky’ draw will require them to drop all other plans and join the Danish military for a period of 4-12 months, although there are some exceptions.

Rent for 30,000
Since 2020, however, Corona has disrupted Armed Forces Day to the extent that the bill will make all men who turn 18 between 2020 and 2022 exempt from serving time.

Closures and restrictions have made it difficult to conduct the medical tests required before they can serve.

In total, it will affect around 30,000 young men in Denmark, most born between 2002 and 2004.

It looks like it has a back
Defense Minister Morten Bødskov reasons that it will take too long to catch up with all the young men who should have been eligible for service.

The Liberal Party’s defense spokesman, Lars Christian Lilleholt, supports the bill.

“It makes me very sad that it was necessary [to scrap it] – especially seen in light of the current security policy situation with the war in Europe,” he said according to DR. “I therefore encourage all young men to volunteer.”

Benfica beat FCM to derail their Champions League dreams
FC Midtjylland lost last night 1-4 to Benfica in Lisbon in the first match of their Champions League qualifier. The winner goes through to the play-offs – where it has been confirmed that FC Copenhagen will face Turkish club Trabzonspor, former striker Andreas Cornelius’s side, on August 16 and 24 – and will lose to the Europa League group stage. FCM, who fired their coach Bo Henriksen last week, were always supposed to be huge underdogs. Meanwhile, Brøndby face FC Basel, another unlucky draw, in the first leg of their Conference League qualifier tomorrow, with a place in the group stage up for grabs should the winner make it through the final round of qualifying. In related news, police made arrests after two officers were injured trying to control supporters of Brøndby and Polish side Pogon Szczecin after their Conference League qualifier.

Guards deployed at Copenhagen’s railway stations to increase security
Since Monday, 29 guards have been placed at previously unmanned railway stations in the capital area to increase security. As part of the government’s new security package announced last November, DSB is also providing for the rapid deployment of personnel to a further 13 stations. A total of 700 new cameras will be set up at 46 stations and the number of video surveillance staff has also been increased.

Are the police struggling to recruit new officers?
The police’s cadet numbers are tight, if the Nykøbing Falster training center is anything to go by. Only five signed up for the course, which started on 1 August. Often the course attracts up to 25 future police officers. Nykøbing Falster holds four courses each year, with the next one starting in October.

The number of noise complaints appears to be decreasing
The police in Central and Western Jutland have received far fewer noise complaints this summer. In 2020 and 2021, when more people stayed at home due to corona, they received 3,400 complaints – mostly about loud music. But so far they have only received 558 reviews compared to 1,257 at the end of July last year.

The Serious Crime Unit shuts down 340 websites suspected of fraud
The National Unit for Serious Crime (NSK), the national unit for serious crime, has closed 340 internet domains in connection with extensive fraud. Cases continue to escalate, with the elderly, ever encouraged by state and local governments to go online for their digital well-being, the most likely victims. Recent scams include scammers posing as celebrities seeking investment for fictitious projects.

Jobless numbers rise for second month due to Ukrainian influx
Unemployment rose slightly in June for the second month in a row, according to Statistics Denmark. The number increased by 1,900, which means that 73,300 people are now unemployed in Denmark – 2.5 percent of the workforce. In May, the increase was 800. However, more Ukrainians (4,500 in May) are estimated to be unemployed than before.

Bumper cat delivery to Bornholm’s animal shelter
An animal shelter on Bornholm recently received a shock when a pensioner gave them 37 cats after admitting she was too old to cope. According to Animal Protection, the cats are very well-behaved, but a bit flea-bitten. It invites the islanders to come and adopt one of them.

Source: The Nordic Page

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