Broströms, part 2: The shot on Djurgårdslätten

Broströms, part 2: The shot on Djurgårdslätten

The couple is described as extremely well off. Brita comes from one of Sweden’s most successful families – the Broströms – with ships on all seven oceans.

The Broström family is high on the press

The sudden death of the head of the family, Dan Broström, made big headlines a few years ago. In the spring of 1934, a very sad but this time also violent love story unfolds before the eyes of the public. At Långholmen’s psychiatric ward, Professor Kinberg tries to find out what is behind the crime and the shipping queen Ann-Ida, Brita’s mother, is once again faced with harsh trials.

The program was made in 2020 by Cecilia Ohlèn

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Thomas Nilsson, psychologist and researcher in experimental forensic psychiatry at Gothenburg University.
Ninna Boberg, museum educator at the Maritime Museum Akvariet in Gothenburg





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