Home abortions can become reality

Home abortions can become reality

This summer, we broadcast special episodes about the four topics that young voters between the ages of 16-29 ranked as the most important before the election, according to the SOM institute.

The order is environment, crime, immigration and healthcare.

We have come to the last program and with a focus on healthcare.

According to Swedish law, all abortions must take place in a hospital. But now the Riksdag wants the government to review the possibility of performing medical abortions at home, i.e. the cases that are performed with only tablets.

We hear about how to know whether a care company is state or private just by the name.

We are talking about all the times the former Finance Minister Bosse Ringholm (S) forgot to hang up the phone when he was interviewed and you heard how he spoke badly about others.

Producer: Sukran Kavak

Digital Editor: Raphael Antonio

The program was recorded on June 16, 2022. An audio clip with Ebba Busch (KD) has been added after the recording.





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