YLE: Russian border crossings have increased by 10–30%

YLE: Russian border crossings have increased by 10–30%

“We’re already tracking this,” said Tanner. “If Finnish Schengen visas are actually used to travel to other countries, we can take action. We get information about this kind of phenomenon from other Schengen countries quite quickly.

With a Schengen visa issued by Finland, you can travel to any other country that has joined the Schengen Agreement, i.e. to all Nordic countries and most EU countries. If Finnish is clearly used exclusively for transit to another country, it is still possible to refuse a new visa.

According to YLE, Russian companies have started offering road transport directly from St. Petersburg to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and Lappeenranta Airport. Although the EU has banned Russian planes from using its airspace during the war in Ukraine, Russians can continue their journey from Finland to other member states.

Tanner said he is aware of the business idea of ​​such trucking companies, but sees some sort of restrictions on such operations in the future.

The matter will be discussed at the EU level at the informal meeting of foreign ministers to be organized at the end of August. Finland has expressed its hope that the foreign ministers will also reach an agreement on issuing visas. Many EU countries, including Latvia, have completely suspended issuing visas to Russians.

The EU and Russia have an agreement that facilitates the granting of short-term visas to Russians. Although the application of the agreement has been partially suspended, the agreement has yet to be fully terminated.

“We’re sure we’ll hear more about this in the coming weeks,” said Tanner.

prime minister Sanna Marin stated to YLE on Monday that he is ready to expand Russia’s sanctions system to restrict Russians from traveling to Finland and other parts of Europe. He added that the bloc of 27 countries should make a decision on these measures together, because crossing the border to Finland is possible with a visa issued by any Schengen country.

“My personal view is that this should be limited,” he said.

“It is not right that while Russia is waging an aggressive, brutal war of aggression in Europe, Russians can live their lives almost as usual – travel in Europe, be tourists. It’s not right.”

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page

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