Hana Al-Khamri

Hana Al-Khamri

Hana Al-Khamri is the daughter of Yemeni migrant workers and raised in Saudi Arabia. She began her journalistic career in a gender-segregated newspaper editorial office in the city of Jidda. Since 2011 she lives in Sweden and works as a freelance writer and lecturer with a focus on politics, culture and women’s rights in the Middle East. She has written for Dagens Nyheter, Al Jazeera and The Washington Post, among others.

In her debut book “Well-bred women rarely write history”, Hana Al-Khamri meets female Saudi journalists who, like herself, defied the structures, stepped into the public eye and wrote history.

Hana Al-Khamri on her Summer talk:

My Summer will be about growing up in Saudi Arabia, the dream of becoming a journalist in a country where women are underage, and how a flea market with used books became the key to freedom.

Producer: Lena Tideström-Sagström

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