Henrik Brandão Jonsson

Henrik Brandão Jonsson

Henrik Brandão Jonsson works as a journalist and writer from Rio de Janeiro, where he has lived for 20 years. He is Dagens Nyheter’s correspondent in Latin America, but also writes for Sydsvenskan and the football magazine Offside.

Henrik is a trained workshop mechanic, but switched to journalism and helped start the entertainment supplement Expressen Fredag ​​in the mid-90s. During the football World Cup in Brazil in 2014, he became known to the general public as an expert in SVT’s broadcasts.

In 2020, Henrik Brandão Jönsson published his fourth book, “Where the sun never sets”, which depicts the Portuguese-speaking world based on the seven deadly sins.

Henrik Brandão Jönsson about his Summer Talk:

– My Summer will be about breaking up and chasing the dream, but also about longing for home and away again and home again. There is a word in Portuguese for this. It is called “saudade” and cannot be translated.

Producer: Mattias Österlund

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