Prime Minister Marin: Europe must support Ukraine together

prime minister Sanna Marin (SDP) said that the nations of Europe must stand together behind Ukraine as the country defends itself against Russia "brutal war".

"We must continue our support for Ukraine. We must be strong and we must be united," Marin said.

The Prime Minister of Finland spoke on Monday at a press conference in Oslo, where he had traveled to meet the Prime Ministers of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland in an informal summer meeting.

Marin further expanded his message to countries around the world, saying that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine must remain a priority.

"Our message to all our partners and friends in Asia, Africa and America is that it is wrong to close our eyes to the Russian war." he said.

The main theme of the meeting was the development of Nordic defense cooperation as Finland and Sweden prepare to join NATO, of which the other Nordic countries are already members. The five prime ministers of the Nordic countries will also meet the German chancellor Olaf Scholz as part of the program.

The Prime Minister of Norway speaks at a press conference Jonas Gahr Støre described the meeting "historic"referring to the NATO membership applications of Finland and Sweden.

In response, Marin stated that the other Nordic countries ratified Finland’s and Sweden’s applications among the first. Currently, 23 of NATO’s 30 member countries have accepted two membership applications.

"I would like to warmly thank Norway, Denmark and Iceland. You took the lead in ratifying our NATO membership." Marin said.

Last weekend was the French president Emmanuel Macron The signing of Finland’s NATO membership protocol on Sunday, while the President of Finland on Saturday Sauli Niinistö posted a video with the President of the United States Joe Biden and the Prime Minister of Sweden Magdalena Anderssonwhere Biden confirmed the commitment of the United States to the security of the Nordic countries.

Source: The Nordic Page

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