Warm weather will sweep the whole of Finland from Monday

Warm weather will sweep the whole of Finland from Monday

Warm summer weather is forecast for many parts of Finland from Monday, and temperatures will rise to 30 degrees in the southern parts.

According to Ylen Meteorologist Joonas Koskelaat the beginning of the week, warm air flows from the south into Northern Finland, which spreads to Oulu or even further north.

Koskela said that on Tuesday the heat will spread to Finnish Lapland. At the same time, temperatures can reach up to 30 degrees in the south.

Temperatures over 25 degrees were already experienced last Sunday in many parts of the country, from the southern coast to Vaasa.

A chance of thunderstorms on Tuesday

A low pressure front is predicted to move over Norway and Sweden on Tuesday and then approach Finland.

"It can bring heavy rain and thunderstorms. The possibility of a little rain will move to Western Finland already on Tuesday afternoon," Koskela pointed out.

However, the weather will continue to be sunny and warm in other parts of Finland on Tuesday.

Rain and thunderstorms may occur in the western and northeastern parts of the country on Wednesday and Thursday. In Eastern Finland, the weather will remain clear.

The rest of the week is expected to continue to be warm in a large part of the country.

Source: The Nordic Page




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