Wednesday’s papers: Russia’s travel tent, Sanna Marini’s appeal and the thunder of the heat wave

Wednesday’s papers: Russia’s travel tent, Sanna Marini’s appeal and the thunder of the heat wave

Finland’s decision to significantly reduce the number of tourist visas granted to Russian citizens has caused confusion on the streets of St. Petersburg. Hufvudstadsbladet.

Residents of the city told the Swedish-language daily that they found it difficult to understand why the war in Ukraine limited the ability of civilians to travel.

HBL met a middle-class St. Petersburg family who said they believe Finland’s new restrictions are "illogical."

"We used to travel all the time. I can’t even count how many countries I’ve been to. Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Norway… and of course Finland," Olga Romanova told HBL.

Media sexism?

Prime Minister of Finland Sanna Marin is in the meantime "the world’s most stylish politician," Evening newspaper reports, citing the German publication Bild newspaper.

"The Prime Minister of Finland is relaxed, modern and self-confident," Bild said.

Marin’s appearance has attracted the attention of the media since his inauguration, and Bild has followed this trend by describing the photo he posted on Instagram next weekend from the Flow music festival in Helsinki.

"There you see a female head of government taking her country to NATO in a sexy sparkly dress, black boots and big sunglasses," Bild explained, adding that her dress was a flea market find.

Wet weather is coming

Thunderstorms hit Finland on Wednesday after several days of tropical temperatures Helsingin sanomat newspaper.

Meteorological Institute forecaster Anni Häkkinen told HS that the country can expect thunderstorms as Wednesday evening approaches.

Some western parts will have localized thunderstorms earlier in the day.

Weather warnings are in effect in the western and northern parts, when heavy rain, thunderstorms and lightning can be expected.

"Wednesday will be the worst. Thursday will have mostly localized thunderstorms," he explained, adding that some urban areas are at risk of flooding.

On Tuesday, Pohjois-Oulu was flooded when 40 millimeters of rain fell in an hour. Cities are at risk of flooding when rainfall exceeds 20 millimeters per hour.

Source: The Nordic Page

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