Friday’s papers: Party Prime Minister Sanna Marin, gang violence and wind in a heat wave

Friday’s papers: Party Prime Minister Sanna Marin, gang violence and wind in a heat wave

prime minister Sanna MarinThe party video continues to attract worldwide attention Helsingin sanomat newspaper to ask whether a drunken political leader is a threat to national security.

"It is not a positive thing from a security point of view," Professor of cyber security at Aalto University Jarno Limnéll told Helsingin Sanomat.

"Finland and its high-level leaders are of interest to foreign intelligence agents. Information is collected from several different sources, and even seemingly trivial information can be important to a foreign power. Top decision-makers are closely monitored during the NATO ratification process." Limnéll, who is also a local Nationalist Party (NCP) politician, told the newspaper.

According to HS, the leaked video has raised questions about the prime minister’s sentence, drug use and safety.

However, another security expert interviewed by HS said that he does not see any real risk factors in the private life of the Finnish management.

"I don’t think we are in any bad situation." said Martti J. Karia retired Finnish colonel teaches at the University of Jyväskylä.

Gangs in Finland

In recent years, Finnish media have reported that gang crime is a growing concern in Finland, and it has been compared to Sweden, which has struggled with an influx of gang violence in economically vulnerable areas.

Swedish gang crime writer Diamond Salihuhowever told Helsingin sanomat newspaper that communities are not as isolated in Finland as in Sweden.

HS also points out that according to a survey commissioned by the government, 65 percent of children in Vantaa daycare centers speak a foreign language at home.

The newspaper also quotes the headmaster from Turku, who was interviewed for the report, who said that although most of his school’s foreign-language students were born in Finland, their Finnish language skills are at the level of a 2.5-year-old native Finnish-speaking toddler.

Wind power

This summer’s scorching sun has fueled Europe’s grid with solar power. Trade magazine meanwhile reports that in the coming years, Finland will become the home of five billion euros worth of wind power.

The construction of new wind turbines in the first half of this year exceeded last year’s total.

According to KL, Finland’s wind power capacity was 4,000 megawatts at the end of June.

Talouslehti suggests that Finland must increase its wind power in order to achieve the government’s 2035 carbon neutrality goals.

The government has recently granted permission to lease the water areas of the west coast of Finland in order to significantly expand the power capacity of offshore wind farms.

Source: The Nordic Page

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