Play Scrabble with pride!

Play Scrabble with pride!

As Copenhagen Pride prepares for the Parade tomorrow afternoon, the capital is lit up in the colors of the rainbow to celebrate and shine a light on the LGBTQ+ community.

Scrabble will contribute to this by showing words of love and inclusion in both English and Danish at Arbejdernes Landsbank in Copenhagen.

This will be done in the hope of including the Danish and international community and to show support for Pride and the LGBTQ+ rights movement.

The power of order
Tharyn Estevez, country manager for Benelux and the Nordics at Mattel, the company behind Scrabble, is pleased with the contribution.

“Here at Scrabble, we understand the power words can have and how positive words can be used as tools to create a positive environment,” she enthused.

The project started in the Netherlands in collaboration with the Pride Business Club, and the aim is to create a discussion around the effect positive words have on society and at the same time create a feeling of inclusion.

A liberal mindset
The rainbow colors in the Pride flag date back to 1924 when it was first created, and it became the official symbol of the movement in 1925. The different colors represent unity in diversity and the power of light and progress.

Several flags will be waved at tomorrow’s Copenhagen Pride Parade in the city’s streets, which starts at Frederiksberg Town Hall Square.

Denmark was the first country in the world to recognize same-sex unions in 1989, and this liberal mindset has made the capital a perfect, safe place to host Pride.

Source: The Nordic Page




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