Zelensky’s TV show to get remake in Poland

Zelensky's TV show to get remake in Poland

Broadcaster Polsat has ordered a local remake of ?People’s servant? sitcom

Poland has ordered a local-language remake of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s hit comedy series “Servant of the People,” The Hollywood Reporter revealed Thursday.

The show, which will be presented in Poland under the title “Sluga Narodu”, was commissioned by the Polsat channel and will reportedly follow the same plot as the original series, which tells the story of a high school history teacher who unexpectedly becomes president after his anti-corruption rant goes viral Social Media.

“This is a hugely powerful script – a comedy, but one that spoke so deeply to the Ukrainian people that it changed the course of political history in that country, and subsequently the world. Of course, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for the Polish version,” says Berkin Nalbantl?, head of sales and acquisitions for the Swedish TV group Echcho Rights, which owns the international rights to the show.

The Ukrainian version of “Servant of the People” starring Vladimir Zelensky and running for three seasons from 2015 to 2019, plus a cinematic feature film, was a big hit in the homeland. It became an example of life imitating art and launched a political career for Zelensky, who formed a political party named after the show and went on to win the 2019 presidential election in Ukraine.

After Russia launched its military offensive in Ukraine, Zelenskiy found himself in the global spotlight, and so did his comedy series, which has since become available in a number of countries and on major streaming platforms including Netflix.

Eccho Rights has described the show, which was originally created and produced by Zelensky himself, as “a historic piece of television” and “an important document of where Zelensky is coming from.”


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