Kia’s Ceed has record sales volume in Europe

Kia’s Ceed has record sales volume in Europe

Seoul [South Korea]August 23 (ANI/Global Economic): Ceed, Kia’s [000270] European strategic model, has recorded record sales in the European market for 10 years.

According to IR data from Hyundai Motor and Kia on the 22nd, the Ceed is Hyundai Motor Group’s best-selling model in Europe from January to July this year.

A total of 90,120 units were sold, an increase of 20.7 percent from 74,683 units last year.

It was followed by Kia’s subcompact SUV Sportage (85,253 units) and Hyundai Motor’s Tucson (74,111 units).

The Ceed, which is not sold in Korea, is a European strategic model to target European consumers who prefer practical cars such as hatchbacks or wagons.

It was first produced at Kia’s factory in Slovakia in 2006, and the third generation has been launched so far.

Ceed 3rd generation, released in 2018, provides more options for consumers by diversifying the range.

In addition to the hatchback and sports wagon, which were released in the 1st and 2nd generations, the sports sedan type wagon ‘ProCeed’ and the crossover model ‘XCeed’ were added to the range.

In particular, Kia added a plug-in hybrid model to meet the demand for environmentally friendly cars, resulting in an increase in sales of the Ceed in Europe.

According to KOTRA, 2,991 units of Ceed were sold on the Swedish car market during the first quarter of this year, which is 5th of the total sales. The Swedish government provides subsidies to both plug-in hybrid cars and electric vehicles.

Although total sales for the year are yet to be released, the Ceed is expected to have high sales in the European market this year.

In 2007, a year after its initial release, 71,952 units of the Ceed were sold, recording the highest sales volume in Europe. The following year, it remained in its first position with 112,373 units sold.

However, its sales declined due to strong sales of the i10, i30, Sportage, Tucson and Kona. However, as it has recently gained popularity this year, it is expected to become Hyundai Motor Group’s best-selling model.

The Ceed is expected to surpass 150,000 units in sales in Europe this year. This figure exceeds last year’s sales volume of 134,908 units, and it is likely to be the best-selling model again in 14 years. (ANI/Global Economic)





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