Norway for first-time visitors

Is it time for you to book your summer holiday?

Forget the scorching beaches and sweaty towels. We have found a new destination for you. It is time to visit , the land of fjords and mountains. A place to enjoy nature, rich culture and unforgettable hospitality.

Where should you start? With an abundance of sights to see and cities to visit, planning your trip to Norway can feel frustrating. Trying to fit many life-changing places into your itinerary is challenging, but not impossible.

Don’t worry – we’re here to help! In this article, we count down the best Norwegian places for first-time visitors. This guide has everything you need, from ’s bright lights to Lofoten and the fjords. Continue reading to plan your trip.

Oslo City Life

While Norway is known for its beautiful scenery, you should start your trip with the bright lights of the nation’s capital. Most flights land here, so plan to spend around a day or two here. Oslo is a modern city with restaurants, museums and sculpture parks. There is always something new to see or try.

Oslo also has an exciting nightlife. Bars, clubs and casinos thrive here, perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a night on the town. Casinos are top rated in Norway, and they are a great one source of entertainment for everyone who feels lucky. A fun way to start your trip!

Bergen Gateway To The Fjords

If you are interested in visiting the fjords, you must visit Bergen. Bergen is Norway’s second largest city, and it is also known as the “gateway to the fjords”. But don’t think of this city as just a passing place.

Bergen offers many museums, historic architecture and viewpoints, which are ideal for a day of sightseeing. You can also visit Bryggen’s or the nearby stave church. Don’t forget your camera here!

Lofoten & the Fjords

The fjords are a regular feature of every Norwegian trip. However, the fjords are not one exact place. They are located all over the country, some near Oslo and some further north. We recommend exploring the fjords at Lofoten, such as Trollfjord.

Visiting the fjords looks different for every tourist. Some plan a car trip around the coastal fjord’s motorways, and others see the sights via boat. We recommend choosing the most important fjord sights and planning your journey around these stops.

Explore the mountains

While Norway is closely linked to fjords, you can’t forget the mountains! This country includes over 250 peaks over 1900 metres, and here you will find two of Northern Europe’s highest mountains. Perfect for all nature lovers.

A popular mountain to visit is Galdhøpiggen. This peak is at 2469m, but the climb is not that challenging despite this impressive height. Norway has 46 different national parks, so if you prefer the sights in the mountains without climbing, there are also other choices.

Historic charm in

Back to the cities now, another popular choice for a Norwegian holiday is Stavanger. This city is Norway’s oil capital, but the main city is charming and historic. If you want to see typical Norwegian architecture, this is a place to explore.

But Stavanger also has modern influences. This city is home to many street art, and once a year this city organizes one of Europe’s biggest street art festivals. The streets here are full of impressive images, from amateur bricks to professional works of art. While you’re here, you can also visit the Pulpit in nearby Lysefjord or the famous sword sculpture Sverd I Fjell.

Visit the Arctic

Finally, if you have extra time, consider taking the trip to Arctic Norway. Although this journey takes longer, it is worth the effort. The arctic space feels like a completely different country, with new dialects, landscapes and cultures.

In the Kirkenes area you will find Norwegian and Russian dialects, and the mountains here become more jagged. In Finnmark, you can explore a new natural landscape without crowds or tourists. One of the most popular options when visiting the northern regions is to catch the northern lights, one of the most spectacular sights in the world.

Final thoughts

So, is your flight booked yet? Norway provides unforgettable holidays to all visitors. Whether you’re interested in Scandinavian nightlife or looking for your next hike, the towns and natural areas are worth a visit. Hopefully this itinerary has caught your interest. Pick and choose the sites that fascinate you to build a successful journey. Good luck and enjoy this beautiful country!


Source: The Nordic Page




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