Helsinki bans studded tires on Lönnrotinkatu

Helsinki bans studded tires on Lönnrotinkatu

The one-way Lönnrotinkatu runs from the center to the west, which serves motorists traveling from Pohjoisesplanadi to Ruoholahti and in the direction of Kamppi and Punavuori.

A new road sign prohibiting the use of studded tires is being tested on Lönnrotinkatu until autumn 2025. The goal of the pilot is to find out the impact of the studded tire ban on air quality and the popularity of friction. tires. At the same time, the city evaluates the consequences of the ban, the degree of compliance and suitability.

The ban brings new traffic signs and monitoring devices to the street. The devices monitor both air quality and the use of studded tires.

The driveway is also accessible with studded tires

The sign prohibiting studded tires still allows cars equipped with studded tires to enter the lots along the street. The ban also does not apply to professional vehicles such as taxis.

The alternative route to Ruoholahti is about 300 meters longer and goes through Mannerheimintie and Pohjoisten Rautatiekatu. An alternative route to Kamppi and Punavuori is Bulevardi, which lengthens the journey by about 200 meters.

The ban is estimated to have a minor impact on businesses operating on Lönnrotinkatu and its surroundings and their accessibility by car. The effects of the ban will be evaluated during the pilot, and thus the arrangements can be changed if necessary.

The choice of tires affects air quality

The air quality in Helsinki is generally good. In busy streets, however, the particle concentration can be high in some places. This is due to exhaust emissions and street dust caused by traffic. The transition from studded tires to friction tires is estimated to have a significant positive effect on both air quality and traffic noise.

Street dust, which impairs air quality, consists of sand and materials released from the street surface, especially when studded tires grind on the street. Dust especially affects sensitive groups, such as children and people with asthma, cardiovascular diseases or lung diseases.

The city of Helsinki’s goal is to increase the use of friction tires so that they make up 70% of winter tires by 2030.


Source: City of Helsinki

Source: The Nordic Page




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