The panic in Russia after Putin’s mobilization

The panic in Russia after Putin’s mobilization

After Russian President Vladimir Putin and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced that hundreds of thousands of men will be mobilized to fight in Ukraine, there have been strong protests in several places in Russia. Although there was first talk of 300,000 men and a so-called partial mobilization, it seems that not all of them are correct. Men are arrested in connection with demonstrations and receive summons orders. Far more than the groups first listed are now to be mobilized. Since last Wednesday alone, thousands have been arrested. The slogans “no mobilization to the grave” and “no to the war” are heard in the demonstrations. Even women have protested against their husbands and sons being sent to a war where they risk becoming cannon fodder.

Russian men flee Putin’s mobilization

It has been fully booked on flights leaving Russia for destinations such as Istanbul and Belgrade. Among the travelers are many young men who would rather flee than fight for Russia in Ukraine. At border crossings, tens of thousands of men try to get out of Russia. Hear how Putin’s mobilization order created unrest and sent men fleeing the country.

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