Roland Poirier Martinsson – a lonely outsider

Roland Poirier Martinsson – a lonely outsider

About ten years ago, Roland Poirier Martinsson predicted that conservatism would take over liberalism. Then nobody took him seriously, then it washed over Europe like a wave.

Childhood was characterized by an alcoholic father and a loving mother. He was in and out of child psychiatry and had his first drunkenness at 11 years old. Evening prayer became an important part of his life early on, even though he doesn’t really know where he got it from.

Roland Poirier Martinsson at home with the children

In addition to a doctorate in theoretical philosophy, Roland Poirier Martinsson qualifies as a writer and columnist, a flexible profession that allowed him to stay at home with the children for seven years during his time in the United States.

In the Sunday interview, he talks about the difference between philosophical and political conservatism and his thoughts on abortion and same-sex marriage.





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