Melodikrysset 40 – A musical crossword with Annika Jankell

Melodikrysset 40 – A musical crossword with Annika Jankell

In the family program Melodikrysset, you have to be a music detective! In Melodikrysset, various questions are asked about music and artists. Complete the cross-plan to win the honor and the great prizes presented in the program.

Take part in the competition for Melodikrysset’s prizes

For your solution to be counted, you must submit the cross either via Melodikrysset’s app, by post or here on our site according to instructions. We want your answer by Wednesday at the latest so that you can enter the draw.

You have an equal chance of winning regardless of how you submit your crossword solution. If you want to read more about how it is done, you can click on the links below.

Submit your solution by mail to Melodikrysset

ATTENTION! You can NOT email your answer either with links or images. Then you are unfortunately not included in the draw.

The melody cross
Sweden’s Radio P4
109 12 Stockholm

[email protected]

As of Saturday 20 August in week 33 it is Annika Jankell and Anna Charlotta Gunnarson who is the program manager for Melodikrysset and they take turns leading the program every two weeks.

Melody cross 40

Host: Annika Jankell

Technician: Alma Segeholm

Technical Producer: Ronnie Ritterland





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