UK – DK Trade: All changes

UK – DK Trade: All changes

Great Britain has just experienced the extraordinary transition from Queen Elizabeth II to King Charles III.

Brexit not quite finished
The last time there was a change of monarch was 70 years ago. Almost simultaneously, Britain had a new prime minister, the third in just over three years and the 15th in Queen Elizabeth’s long reign.

Britain was part of the European Union for 47 of the Queen’s 70 years on the throne. This recently changed and post-Brexit trade between the UK and Denmark has had to adjust accordingly and there are still Brexit issues to be resolved.

The war in Ukraine has contributed to an energy crisis, as well as an economic crisis, and is preventing countries from meeting their climate change targets.

A world much changed
The world is constantly changing, but a key component to solving problems arising from this change is the strength of relationships between countries and between companies.

Over 4.1 billion people are reported to have watched something of the Queen’s funeral – almost half of the world’s 7.9 billion population. It was only 2.6 billion when she ascended the throne.

The funeral was fully covered by Danmarks Radio and TV2, Denmark’s two largest TV channels. Commentators made many comparisons between Queen Elizabeth’s 70-year reign and Queen Margrethe II’s 50 years on the Danish throne.

Hard times ahead
There are signs that meetings between Liz Truss, the new British prime minister, and other heads of government attending the funeral could help resolve the central Brexit issue: the Northern Ireland protocol.

Britain, Denmark and the world face some important challenges. There are strong links between the UK and Denmark, not just through the royal families, but through companies and business connections – especially in green energy.

Let us build on these and similar conditions to contribute to the solution of the current crises. There are some tough times ahead.

Source: The Nordic Page

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