Why is everyone so mad – it’s just a leaderboard, right? Svensktoppen 60 years: part 1

Why is everyone so mad – it’s just a leaderboard, right?  Svensktoppen 60 years: part 1

Dangerous to be a presenter

It could also be dangerous to be the host of the Svensktoppen. Ulf Elfving experienced that when he is close to being knocked down by an over-refreshed and bad-tempered troubadour. It was after Ulf told me that he worked with Svensktoppen.

One of the biggest prog bands of the 70s, Hoola Bandoola Band, goes so far as to stop their music from being tested on the list – but they get a real surprise from the response from Sveriges Radio’s managers.

The church crashes towards the Svensktoppen

And Svensktoppen’s producer, Lars Gurell, is accused of persecuting Christians as spiritual songs for some time have problems entering the list. “God is stopped at Svensktoppen” you can read in the newspapers.

In this episode you will hear interviews and features with; Ulf Elfving (host), Mikael Wiehe (artist), Lasse Anrell (music journalist), Lars Gurell (producer), Mattias Lundberg (professor of musicology), YTF-Yrkestrubadurernas Förening, Norsjö Församling, Lars Collmar (provost emeritus)

Host: Carolina Norén

Executive Producer: David Rune

The fantastic history of Svensktoppen, a documentary series in five episodes by Carolina Norén

Hear the truth behind the headlines and scandals over the years. Relive the breakthroughs and long drives. Artists, former presenters, psychologists, musicologists, those who praise the list and those who criticized it the most speak out. Hear old clips and remember the beloved song classics. High and low are mixed when Sweden’s most talked-about 60-year-old is to be celebrated and noticed in a documentary series.

Carolina Norén is host of Svensktoppen and creator of the series Svensktoppen’s fantastic history. The first two episodes will be released on Sweden’s Radio Play 13/10.





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