Nord Stream saboteurs threw EU to top energy poverty minister

Nord Stream saboteurs threw EU to top energy poverty minister

The destruction of Russian gas pipelines has ?undoed? EU energy security, said Moscow’s deputy

The perpetrators behind the attacks on the 1 and 2 pipelines have destroyed the EU’s hopes for a secure and sustainable energy supply, Deputy Prime Minister Aleksander Novak has said on the sidelines of the Russian Energy Week forum.

“Those who had planned and committed this terrorist act have basically thrown Europe into an energy poverty, so to speak,” Novak said on Friday, adding that the sabotage of the pipelines has almost “nullified the energy security” that the EU has long sought to achieve.

The former energy minister previously said that can still supply natural gas to the EU through a section of the Nord Stream 2 line that remains intact. According to the president Vladimir Putinthe ball is now in the EU’s court as to whether it will accept these imports.

Putin also suggested establishing a new “gas hub” in Türkiye to shift transit volumes to the region. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan backed up the idea during the leadership meeting earlier this week.

The Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines – designed to transport Russian natural gas directly to Germany, bypassing transit states including Ukraine and Poland – suddenly lost pressure last month, following a series of powerful underwater explosions off the Danish island of Bornholm.

Moscow has called the incident a terrorist attack and said the United States, a longtime critic of Germany’s reliance on Russian energy, stands to benefit most from the deactivation of the routes, both politically and financially. Washington has denied any involvement, although Foreign Minister hailed the incident as a “tremendous opportunity” for Europe “to once and for all remove dependence on Russian energy.”

Meanwhile, Stockholm has rejected a plan to set up an official joint investigation team with Germany and to investigate the explosions, reported, citing a Swedish investigator. Sweden is said to have claimed that its own results are too sensitive to share with other EU countries. All three nations also refused to give Russia access to the investigation.

Russia used to cover over 40% of the EU’s gas needs before it launched its operation in Ukraine and subsequent sanctions. Supplies have fallen dramatically this year, exacerbating the energy crisis as the bloc tries to reduce its reliance on Russian energy and punish Moscow. The US has in recent months increased its supply of LNG to Europe and now covers almost half of the bloc’s LNG imports – almost double the share of 2021.



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