The guests’ opinion: We have passed the point of no return

When thousands of Putin’s Russian tanks breached the Ukrainian border in February, few imagined that would still be an independent nation this fall. I certainly didn’t. I honestly thought that my sincere support for Ukraine would be useless when their ill-equipped troops had to face the second largest army in the .

Catalog of Disasters
Growing up in in the 1970s, I learned that the Danish would be able to hold off an attacking Soviet army for a few hours. At best. I was therefore surprised to see the Russian army struggle – and quickly fail – to take Kiev.

Since then, the brutal war chose to launch appears to be a never-ending Russian attempt to break all historical records of military incompetence. From dozens of Russian commanders failing to stay alive longer than mosquitoes, to massive missile cruisers, military air bases and strategic bridges obliterated in spectacular “smoking incidents”.

Thousands of crashed Russian tanks cover the Ukrainian countryside, and tens of thousands of Russian soldiers will never return to their families. And yet the Putin regime continues to willingly pour ill-prepared troops into the meat grinder.

Russia’s War to an End
The Russian assault on Ukraine was from the beginning a brutal rape attempt on a national level. But no one expected the victim to fight back with such determination, efficiency and courage.

I was wrong when I initially predicted a quick Ukrainian defeat. As the situation stands now, I am convinced that Ukraine has a good chance of throwing the invaders out of their country if this war continues to be fought by conventional means.

All Ukraine needs is our unwavering support – and lots of it – because the least catastrophic outcome of this war is the complete annihilation of all Russian forces on Ukrainian soil. No one invited Russia to invade, murder, bomb, burn and rape the people of Ukraine.

Let’s all keep reminding the Russian regime of this fact and ensure that Ukraine never runs out of ammunition. Russia is losing this war in spectacular fashion. They are welcome to cut their losses, leave the stage and pay the bill at any time.

We must hold on
And what if Putin finally presses the big red button in desperation? Then we’re probably all gone anyway. Just as the free world will be reduced to a distant memory if we give in to the rapist’s demands. This is no time for fear or reluctance.

The only thing left to negotiate is the amount of damages that Russia will have to pay for its historic tantrum. There is no other solution to this than to teach the animal some manners.

Source: The Nordic Page




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