The women who want to revolutionize Iran

Unique voices from inside
Conflict calls via encrypted apps to Iran. Hear about the hairdresser “Parvin” from the same city as Mahsa Jina Amini who is now protesting for the first time, Swedish-speaking “Gisoo” who goes out without a veil despite extreme fear and “Ali”, one of all the men who are now closing up behind Iran’s women, for women’s rights and for human rights and a system shift in Iran.

Women’s historic struggle in Iran
After the revolution in Iran in 1979, when the shah was overthrown, the new Islamic regime wanted to introduce compulsory veiling for women. It led to a “counter-revolution”, when women flocked to the streets to protest.
– We felt that the veil requirement was the tip of an iceberg, that if it was introduced, much of what women had achieved in Iran up until then would disappear, says Susan Maybud, who was there at the time.

Social revolution
The researcher Mona Tajali, who studied the women’s struggle for rights and political influence in Iran, says that what is now happening is a “social revolution”, as the Iranian women have managed to convince large parts of society, not least the men, to give up on their demands on freedom and human rights. The researcher compares the veil as a symbol in the Iranian context to the Wall, and believes that it has not so much to do with religion, but with power and ideology.

The world must stand up for Iran’s women
In , Swedish-Iranians follow the protests in their home country closely. Conflict ensues when they hand over a folder about the demonstrations and the regime’s violence to the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ press service, demanding that Sweden stand behind Iran’s protesting women and condemn the regime’s violence.

Cast: “Gisoo”, “Parvin”, “Sepehr”, “Ali”, protesting in Iran, Susan Maybud, Iranian-American woman who participated in the March 1979 protest against forced veiling, Mona Tajali, researcher who focused on women’s struggle for rights and political influence in Iran, Barahan, Swedish-Iranians in , etc

Host: Lotte Collin
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Reporter: Nishtman Irandoust

Technician: Maria Stillberg

Producer: Anja Sahlberg
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