In the mind of Xi Jinping

is expected to break the norm and remain in power after ten years, perhaps even for life. But how can we understand Xi Jinping’s power ambitions? Xi’s family was persecuted by the Communist Party under Mao and, paradoxically, this seems to have paved the way for his quest today, to establish full control and stability through the Party.

“Historically important” – that’s how Xi sees himself

In the episode, Lars Fredén, former ambassador to , talks about the occasions when he himself met Xi Jinping. Xi is described as a leader with great authority and with an image of himself as a historically important person. Nationalism is important and the the tool with which Xi wants to achieve an invulnerable China. Hear about Xi’s self-confidence and what knowledge of the world he may actually have. Does Xi Jinping care that attitudes towards China in the outside world have deteriorated during his time in power?

Cast: Lars Fredénformer ambassador to China. Hanna SahlbergEkot’s China commentator. Björn DjurbergChina Correspondent.

Program manager: Axel Kronholm
Producer: Therese Rosenvinge
Technician: Hanna Melander





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