The planning of the Kauklahti station area is progressing

The Lasihyti area is planned taking into account the comprehensive development of the Kauklahti station area and the protection of Espoonjoki’s natural resources. In the future, about 4,000 new residents will come to the Lasihyti area.

The area south of the railway is mainly an industrial area, divided by the Espoon River.
“The Espoonjoki valley is an important part of the region’s cultural heritage. Today, the banks of the river are overgrown with bushes and partially fenced off, but in the future the area around the riverbed is to be made into a pleasant and accessible space for residents,” says the architect. Sonja Sahlsten From the City Planning Agency of .

The area is to be transformed into a dense, downtown-like area with housing, park areas, recreational trails, and public and commercial services on both sides of the river.
“The design has been guided by the coordination of the old Kauklahti center with the new urban development. The village-like character of the area has been emphasized with facade materials, by placing business premises at street level and by planning, for example, various paths and squares between the buildings.

Green living and sustainable movement

The Kauklahti station area, located north of the railway, is an old cultural environment. As such, the design has taken into account the preservation of old buildings of cultural and historical value, including the preservation of the old station building and warehouse. Kauklahti’s population has grown in recent years, and with the development of the Lasihyti area, the need for sustainable mobility is increasing.

A new public transport terminal is planned for the area south of the railway, which will improve bus and train services. The plans also include a new park and ride parking lot next to the terminal. In addition to this, there are plans for a new underpass next to the train platform, from which you can access the Lasihyti area, the public transport terminal, park and ride parking and north to Kauppamäki. The future extension of the City Rail Link to Kauklahti will make the mobility of the area’s residents even easier.

The plan proposal, which was on public display in the fall of 2021, has now been revised and changed based on the statements and comments made in connection with the original proposal. Espoo’s urban planning board will discuss the approval of the plan at its meeting on October 26, 2022, after which it will be taken to the city council for approval through the city .


Source: City of Espoo

Source: The Nordic Page




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