Danish News Round-Up: The Danish Parliament must consider proposals for a bereavement plan

On August 23, a citizens’ motion emerged outlining a plan to offer support to families during the critical period immediately following the sudden death of the mother or father.

In less than a month, the proposal gained an impressive 50,000 supporters.

Support for bereaved families
In the days, weeks and months after a child loses one of their parents, it can be difficult for the surviving parent to properly help their child process and deal with grief in the midst of their own shock. This proposal will make help readily available and readily available.

It recommends that the family be offered a chance to meet with a grief counselor within a day of the death or accident. Should the parent accept, they will receive information and simple advice on how to best support their child. They will be given contact information for psychologists, support groups and other potentially relevant people. All this information will be made available online.

The information will not be groundbreaking or a complete remedy, but its purpose is to ease some of the burden from the grieving parent. A follow-up meeting will be held two months after the first visit to see how the grieving process for the child and parent is progressing. At this point, if more help or support is needed, it can be made available.

The Danish Parliament’s treatment after the election
The policy will now be presented after the election for consideration in the Folketing. Until a decision is reached, citizens can continue to add their support to the proposal.

Losing a parent and a partner is hard and nothing will change that, but a suggestion like this can make the hardest days a little less stressful and less lonely, allowing parent and child to focus solely on their own well-being.

Amputation reporting
Central Jutland and Zealand have carried out investigations to determine how many patients may have had their amputation mistreated. The two regions have different methods and have seen vastly different results. Danske Patienter argues that a more uniform approach is needed to create more transparency and justice for patients who may be entitled to compensation. Enhedslisten and SF support the call for a state agency that examines the patient records and investigates any unnecessary amputations.

The wants more monitoring after
After the sabotage of the pipeline with powerful explosions, the government looks inward and realizes the extent of its shortcomings. The Danish military is lacking in almost all respects, but the most pressing concern is the presence or lack thereof in the Baltic Sea. Without patrol boats or submarines, it is difficult to ensure the integrity of the borders. The government proposes that a new defense settlement be negotiated as soon as the new government is in place.

Psychiatric report and recommendations following Field’s shooting
It has emerged that the 22-year-old Field’s shooter had been in psychiatric care just a week before the shooting took place, where, according to his statement, he had tried to bring his thoughts about violence and murder to the fore. According to DR, he also tried to call the Psykiatrifonden’s line, but due to changed opening hours for the summer holidays, he could not get hold of anyone. The task force investigating the psychiatric factors in the shooting has made a list of six recommendations to improve the system. The most important point of action, according to the task force, to prevent similar future incidents is to increase the continuity of treatment.

Harsh sentence for amphetamine producers
Two men have been sentenced to a longer prison sentence in for producing large quantities of amphetamine (also known as speed). Mikkel Madsen Mehlberg, 21, pleaded guilty and received a sentence of 14 years, while the other, 24-year-old Casper Olesen, who must have contributed to the effort, received nine years. The other man pleaded not guilty and appealed on the spot; Mehlberg is considering an appeal. The 14-year sentence for amphetamine production is significantly higher than the 12-year sentence that is often handed out for murder.

WWII bomb in Fehmarn belt detonated
A 125 kilo bomb from was successfully detonated 26 meters below sea level in the Fehmarn Belt, where construction of an 18 km long tunnel between Denmark and continues. Precautions were taken to ensure the safety of marine wildlife in the area. With the bomb detonated and construction ready to begin, the tunnel is expected to open in 2029.

Strict fishing quotas will affect fishing tour operators
Due to the fear of low stocks of cod and salmon in the Baltic Sea, a new regulation has been introduced which will limit the amount of these fish that can be caught per year. person per day to just one. This will be true for independent fishing and touring boats.

Attack in Brøndby clubhouse
Three Brøndby supporters were assaulted after their derby with FC in the Brøndby supporters’ clubhouse on Sunday. There are no suspects yet, but the perpetrator is not believed to be a Copenhagen fan or a member of fan group Alpha, which has been involved in a few violent incidents recently. It adds to what has already been a tough season for Brøndby supporters whose behavior has seen them banned from away games.

Source: The Nordic Page

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