The government’s report on the digital compass gives direction to Finland’s digital transformation

’s digital compass sets an ambitious vision and clear goals that strengthen our position among the leading countries in digital development. I would like to thank our stakeholders for their very active participation in the preparation of the digital compass. However, the is only at the beginning, and turning the goals of the digital compass into concrete achievements is one of the most important challenges for Finland’s future success,” says the Minister of Municipalities. Sirpa Paatero.

Finland has good conditions to succeed in the digital revolution

The change caused by digitization and the data economy is changing Finland and the world. It is reflected in new types of services, operating models, technologies and skills requirements in all sectors of society. The transition to digital green requires a comprehensive change, which includes great opportunities for Finland as well.

Finland has good conditions for succeeding in the digital transformation thanks to the country’s strong technological know-how in several core areas of digitization and the data economy. Fast, high-quality and reliably functioning communication networks and the digital data that flows seamlessly through them create the basis for the services and innovations of the current technological change.

However, the challenges are the lack of ICT investments aimed at increasing productivity, the lack of skilled professionals, marginalization, and the changes in operating culture and paradigms required by digitization.

Finland must ensure that its citizens develop versatile skills and, in particular, the digital capacity of small and medium-sized companies. To achieve this change, further investment in skills, research, development, innovation and investment attraction is essential.

“The Transport 12 plan outlines the goals and priorities of the transport system well into the 2030s. Likewise, the digital compass is a ten-year strategy, thanks to which digitization and the data economy serve people, communities and companies better,” says the Minister of Transport and Communications. Timo Magpie.

“Finland is one of the leading countries in digitalization in Europe. New energy technologies will be a significant competitive advantage for Finnish companies in the future, if we manage to develop our expertise and utilize it,” says the Minister of Economic Affairs. .

Finland’s goals are more ambitious than the EU’s

Finland’s digital compass is based on the EU’s digital compass introduced in 2021 and the related Path to a Digital Decade program proposal defining the requirements of national roadmaps. Finland’s goal is to be the first member state to prepare a national strategic road map.

Finland’s digital compass implements the goals set in the EU’s digital compass, but also includes national goals and themes that supplement the EU’s compass. Finland’s compass revolves around four main points: know-how, safe and sustainable digital infrastructures, digital transformation of companies and digitization of public services.

The implementation of Finland’s digital compass is monitored annually

The measures to implement Finland’s digital compass and the necessary investments are defined for each term of and updated annually until 2030. Decisions on national funding are made as part of budget processes and the possibilities of using EU funding are also explored. The digitalization coordination group is responsible for monitoring these measures and coordinating the work between stakeholders.

The digitalization coordination group is a permanent inter-ministerial working group whose task is to strengthen inter-ministerial cooperation, coordination and information flow. The digitalization coordination group has also been responsible for the preparation of the digital compass under the guidance of the ministerial working group for the development of digital transformation, information economy and public administration.


Source: Ministry of Transport and Communications

Source: The Nordic Page




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