The moderates want the Social Democrats to be part of the next majority, but not with their left-wing allies

is quickly becoming the kingmaker of this election – and quite possibly the kingmaker who could become king.

In recent days, his party the Moderates have gained in popularity, and Rasmussen has increasingly dictated the terms of who will be in the next .

And yesterday he strongly indicated that the current occupants, the , should play a role – provided they are prepared to ditch their red bloc allies.

Radicals could be another option
“I have come to the conclusion that we must include the Social Democrats,” he said.

“But a social that is hooked on the left wing cannot deliver what is needed. And there we must enforce some form of stable, firm political cooperation across the famous middle.”

Should the Social Democrats not be interested, the Radicals might be, added Rasmussen. “Maybe you’ll be fine,” he said.

Extremely close race
The comments suggest that there are three or four strong possibilities for a majority involving the Moderates: with the Social Democrats alone; with the Social Democrats, and Conservatives; with Radicals, Liberals and Conservatives; and with the Radicals and the entire blue bloc.

According to the latest opinion polls, the three options have respectively 32.8, 54.3, 33.3 and 48.4 percent of the vote according to the latest Epinion poll on October 13.

Neither the traditional blue bloc (43.5 percent) nor red bloc (48-49.1 percent) can currently form a majority, although other pollsters, including Gallup on Tuesday, give the red bloc a majority.

Source: The Nordic Page

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