Marin: Finland could vote against the EU return regulation

The proposes, for example, that at least 20 percent of the land and sea areas in the 27-country bloc be returned to their natural state by 2030.

The question of the utilization of forest resources has revealed a deep division between the Center and the Green . On Friday, the Parliament’s trade committee voted in favor of not supporting the proposed regulation. Members of the center, the Social Democrats and the Swedish People’s Party supported the position.

and the Left Alliance were thus the only two parties in power that supported the ’s original position on the proposal.

“It is quite extraordinary that the governing parties are so divided. Nothing like this has happened during this election period. Sanni Grahn-Laasonen (NCP), Chairman of the Trade Committee, stated For .

reminded on Sunday that it is no secret that the government coalition has different priorities in the utilization of forests.

“Ultimately, we have to assess what is the best option in terms of ’s national interests and see if [the regulation] which we can support or should we vote against, he commented.

The coalition announced after the committee did not support the proposal that it will leave the forest policy interpellation because the government has not defended national interests.

Another difference of opinion within the government also emerged in the interview.

the Treasury minister (The Center) has stated publicly that the government should give up the so-called exit . However, Marin stated that the government has no intention of waiving the tax and there has been no discussion about it. He emphasized that the government must stick to what has been agreed upon.

“If the starting point is that there is no need to stand together on agreed issues, then I am sure that we will not be able to handle issues that are important to the Center. Then we would talk about the functioning of the entire government,” he said.

The tax would enable the taxation of profits received from the sale of stock holdings by individuals living abroad, if the profit had accrued while the person was living in Finland. It is basically a tool to prevent people from avoiding by moving to a country with lower capital gains taxes.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page

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