Statistics show that the remaining life expectancy of 65-year-old Finns has decreased

“It hasn’t happened in over 30 years either” highlighted Joni Rantakari, senior statistician from .

Life expectancy in has developed more positively in the longer term. The remaining life expectancy for aged 65 has increased by 4.7 years and for women by 4.2 years since 1990.

Information show that the life expectancy of newborn boys was 79.2 years and that of newborn girls was 84.5 years in 2021. Although both expectations have increased in the longer term, the life expectancy of boys has steadily caught up with that of girls.

The life expectancy of newborn children, regardless of , was the longest in . Boys had the shortest life expectancy in and girls in . Regional differences in life expectancy were more pronounced for boys than for girls, and boys’ life expectancy was shorter than that of girls in all regions.

Rantakari emphasized in his blog post that life expectancy varies according to the child’s native language in addition to the place of residence.

“The life expectancy of boys who spoke Swedish as their mother tongue was more than two years longer than that of boys who spoke Finnish as their mother tongue. Girls showed a similar, though not as pronounced, difference,” he wrote.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page




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