Rishi Sunak’s impossible task

After a fierce battle within the Tory party this summer, ultimately fell to . But on Monday it became clear that Sunak will now take over as the new leader of the Conservative Tories and as the new of Great Britain. This after Liz Truss’ short stormy time in power, only 45 days.

– Hopelessness is spreading in the Tory Party and has been doing so for a long time. Even with the voters, says Mikael Sundström, political scientist and expert on British politics.

That’s how deep the split is in the Tories

During this summer’s party leadership campaign, Rishi Sunak warned of Liz Truss’ plans. Heavy tax cuts to boost growth were a dangerous way to go, Sunak believed. Now he is given the difficult task of regaining control and sorting out an economic and political chaos. But what can a new prime minister do? And is it even possible to unite the deeply divided party?

– Today, the Tory Party is almost like an umbrella party with different branches, says Stephanie Zakrisson, London correspondent.

Also hear about Rishi Sunak’s political background and who he is. Rishi Sunak is 42 years old and thus the youngest British Prime Minister since the 18th century. He is also the first Hindu and the first non-white Prime Minister.

The section also discusses the latest tours in . Last week’s summit was ’s first as Swedish prime minister. Among other things, the issue of the EU’s, especially ’s, relationship with became heated.

Cast: Stephanie ZakrissonLondon Correspondent. Mikael Sundström, political scientist and expert on British politics. Susan PalmeEU commentator.

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