Tove Styrke – first Idol, then the world

It is March 1, 2018.

On the big stage in Milwaukee in front of thousands of people stands Tove Styrke. This is the first stop on artist Lorde’s US tour, and Tove has never stood in such a large arena before.

It was a while ago that Lorde got in touch and offered Tove to be her band on her tour. This is Tove’s big chance, and she is super pumped.

But something is not as it should be.

When Tove launches into the first song, Borderline, which the crowd usually can’t stand still, nothing happens.

The crowd doesn’t move an inch.

Tove anxiously sweeps her eyes over the sea of ​​audience. People look at her tiredly, someone glances at the clock, another talks to the friend next to them.

Tove slowly but surely begins to panic. For several years, she has worked to make a big impact outside ’s borders.

Will her first big, international arena gig be a fiasco?

At this point, Tove Styrke has taken her first step onto an international stage and is at the peak of her career, but the road here has been bumpy to say the least.

P3 Music documentary about Tove Styrke is the story of the pop wonder who takes music seriously and doesn’t give way to the big emotions, in both profit and loss.

The documentary is made by Siri Hill in October 2022.
Producer Anna Lilkung.
Executive producer Hanna Frelin.
Technician Fredrik Nilsson.
The program is made by the production company Tredje Statsmakten Media.

Cast: Tove Styrke, Anna Östman Styrke, Tina Mehrafzoon and Linnéa Gröning.

Audio clips in the documentary come from TV4, TV, SVT, the Elle Gala 2020 and the music magazine Diffus.





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