Stormy relationships

– If you are an emotional person, it can easily become very intense when something is important to you, says psychologist and couples therapist Cecilia Fyring.

– I have met couples who do not recognize themselves at all in the person they become in the relationship.

A dance out of step – that’s how this type of relationship could be described. That you get very strong feelings, but are bad at expressing them actually that is, says Cecilia Fyring.

– There will be much more secondary emotions than primary ones. Let’s say you don’t feel appreciated, that’s the primary feeling, but it comes out as criticism and anger instead, i.e. the secondary feelings, she says.

Guests in the program: Cecilia Fyring, psychologist and couples therapist, Siri Helle, psychologist who wrote the book The emotional trap and Sophie Steijer, senior physician in who wrote the book Borderline personality syndrome: symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

Host: Ninos Chamoun
Producer: Alice Lööf






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