The clocks will return on Sunday, October 30

Adjusting the clocks at the same is important, for example, in international rail and air traffic. The clocks are always changed on the last Sunday of March and October. Early Sunday morning was chosen as the least inconvenience, because traffic is at its lowest then.

Daylight saving time has been observed in without interruption since 1981. Switching to summer time and back to winter time is a uniform practice in the .

The decision to end seasonality was postponed

In 2018, the proposed that six-monthly changes be waived uniformly throughout .

The original target schedule of the Commission’s proposal has not been achieved. In the spring of 2019, the voted in favor of ending seasonal variation. At that time, Parliament proposed that the clocks be turned back for the last time in 2021.

However, the proposal still awaits consideration by the EU Council, as the Council and the Parliament decide on the matter together. A review by the Council would require all member states to form their position on the issue. The matter is not under consideration by the Council for the time being.


Source: Ministry of and Communications

Source: The Nordic Page

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