441’s difficult balancing act in migration policy

On Wednesday, there was a premiere. For the first time, was in and in opposition in a debate.

M, KD and L wanted to show themselves strong as a team, while SD demonstrated independence. V, C and MP went hard against the new government and the Tidö agreement. But many of the questions afterwards are still about S. Why did Magdalena Andersson save the gunpowder against the new migration policy?

The golden age of politics

In addition to the Riksdag debate, a new exciting report has also seen the light of day. Sociology professors Gabriella Elgenius and Jens Rydgren have researched what parties see as the political golden age.

SD and S share a favorite era, Fredrik Furtenbach explains why!


Fredrik Furtenbach and Tomas Ramberg, domestic political commentators Ekot

Host: Parisa Höglund

Producer: Viktor Mattsson

Technician: Monica Bergmark





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