Berlin considers Nord Stream 2 unsuitable for gas deliveries Der Spiegel

The German government reportedly fears that both strands of the pipeline may have been damaged by explosions in September

German authorities doubt that the 2 pipeline can be used for gas supply after the explosions in September that ruptured one of its strands, Der Spiegel reported on Thursday.

“It is very likely that the act of with heavy explosions has had a negative impact on both strands of the pipeline, so there is currently no technical capacity [to pump gas through it]”, the government said in response to a parliamentary inquiry by Alternative for (AfD) party leader Leif-Erik Holm.

He suggested that the German government hopes that “the issue of gas supply via Nord Stream has been dealt with by the explosions.” Holm’s party strongly advocates the launch of Nord Stream 2 and is critical of the government’s policy of distancing Germany from in terms of energy.

Explosions at both Nord Stream pipelines took place in late September, with damage discovered on both strings of Nord Steam 1 and a section of Nord Stream 2. In early October, said it was working to stabilize pressure in the last surviving string with pumps gas through it, in order to control its integrity and reduce potential environmental risks from any gas leaks.

The capacity of the surviving pipeline is 27.5 billion cubic meters annually, which is equivalent to 8% of the EU’s total gas imports, according to Russian President . Since the string did not appear to have been punctured by the explosions, Putin suggested that Europe allow it to be commissioned to resume gas supplies.

But even though Nord Stream 2 was completed over a year ago, it has never been put into operation. stopped the certification process before Russia began its military operation in .

An investigation into the explosions that damaged the Russian pipelines is still ongoing. condemned the incident as a terrorist attack, while Germany, and Sweden have not ruled out that it was targeted sabotage. The US claims that no NATO country was involved.

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