Border trade is a path for the unemployed on benefits

Difficult to navigate
Lorensen agreed that it was his responsibility to be aware of the rules, but he did not think that a two-hour shopping trip to a border shop would be considered a trip abroad.

He said he only goes over the border to shop because times are hard and he can get more goods for his money in .

Nina Von Hielmcrone, who is a lawyer and associate professor at University, claims that while the municipality has acted according to the law, it can be difficult for everyone to find their way around the complex sections of the law that relate to the issue.

The should consider whether they really believe that people should be hit with such a harsh sanction for a tiny misdemeanor like acting over the border, she says to DR Nyheder.

Other experts point out that the law is too rigid because it was made before high energy prices and hit the country.

Source: The Nordic Page




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