Lena Hallengren (S): The Tidö agreement pits groups against each other

It is not stricter migration policy or harsher punishments per se that Lena Hallengren primarily opposes. But she believes that the Tidö Agreement, the agreement the reached with the Democrats, contributes to dividing Sweden. “I mean that the division is in the tone you have, the that still creeps in when you single out individual groups, people with a foreign background,” says Lena Hallengren in Ekot’s Saturday interview.

of the and the Green Party government greatly tightened migration policy in 2015. Lena Hallengren says that her criticism of the new government’s migration policy is not just political. “The criticism we have towards this agreement and SD’s imprint in politics is about dignity, legal uncertainty and pitting people and groups against each other.”

In criminal policy S has implemented many toughening of penalties in recent years. Lena Hallengren says that she lacks welfare investments that can prevent crime among the government’s new criminal policy. “We are critical of the fact that you do not have a policy that breaks segregation, that ensures that new is broken,” says Lena Hallengren.

More careful in

Lena Hallengren is also critical of how the opposition acted when the Social Democrats were the governing party. The Social Democrats will act differently now as an opposition party, it will be a more restrained stance when it comes to breaking out parts of the government’s budget, making KU notifications and motions of no confidence in the future, according to Lena Hallengren.

“It’s not enough to make a post that you don’t like, but it has to be serious if you’re going to direct a mistrust of an individual minister, then you have to do something that goes against what is your duty as a minister.” , says Lena Hallengren

Will not cooperate with the

The Social Democrats and the Sweden Democrats together have a majority in the . But it is not relevant to cooperate or seek active support from SD to get proposals through together.

“But about that would be about issues where we have a very clear social democratic position, and we come to the same conclusion, we will of course support the social democratic policy, but we will not sit and be strategic and cooperate with the Sweden Democrats,” says Lena Hallengren.

Guest: Lena HallengrenSocial Democrats’ group leader in the Riksdag, former Minister of Social Affairs
Host: Johar Bendjelloul
Comment: Lova Olssonpolitical reporter at Ekot
Producer: Maja Lagercrantz
Technician: Elin Hagman

The interview was recorded on October 28, 2022.


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