When the gangs move north – The gang war in Gävle| Part 1/3

The guest city of has previously been spared from gang , but in the summer of 2020 a conflict between two rival criminal phalanxes escalates. The police are going to call it a gang war, and declare red mode. The number of guns in the city explodes and shootings take place in the open street. It is suspected that there is a conflict over who will control the drug trade in the city.

But who are the new gangs? And why have they come here? There is a widespread culture of silence among the members and no one wants to talk. So how can the police stop the development?

This is the first part in a series about how the gangs move from the big cities, to the north.
The program is done in 2022.

Reporter: Gustaf Wallinder

Producer: Anna Frey and Magnus Arvidson

Final mix Tor Sigvardson






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