Anna on Amiralsgatan – “She’s not a vegetable”

is injured in a high-profile accident after a car chase in February 2015. She walks on a sidewalk in with her pram. A car is thrown onto the pavement and ends up over Anna and her little son who is in the pram. Both are badly injured, the son is recovering. Anna survives but with severe injuries. She loses a leg and suffers brain . She loses the ability to speak. She begins a long and arduous road of rehabilitation and activities to have a meaningful life.

Previously walked myself with a prosthesis

At first she makes progress. She is communicative. She uses body movements, facial expressions and gestures.

– Previously, she went two days a week, during this good good man time, she went on the road and then she had music. And then she had walking training and so on, so she joined with a prosthesis and then she was up and walking more or less by herself with a prosthesis. And then everything went back many, many, many steps, says brother Erik.

She can communicate concrete wishes – to people who have come to know her well. She gets a prosthesis and begins to practice walking with it. She has a schedule of daily activities. But then something happens.

– There is nothing and no creativity here. No, she mostly rests. And I can’t stand it. I’m too old, says her mother Gunnel.

Caliber finds out what happened, why did it happen like this and what does the responsibility look like?

A good man should pay attention to needs

After the accident, Anna got a good husband. That person must take care of her finances and guard her rights. The is for her to have as good a quality of life as possible. That person must pay attention to her needs for social contacts, leisure activities and daily employment. This is how her home municipality, Ängelholm municipality, describes the mission.

So it is her good husband who will make sure that Anna lives as good a life as possible and gets the resources she is entitled to.

For the past two years, Anna’s good have come from a company, AB, which is based in , 52 miles from Ängelholm. The personal visits from these good men have been few or none. The daily business for Anna is one hour a week that she does not want to attend. Anna does not use her communication support. Caliber also learns that the physiotherapy hours at the health center are over and the protest training that is supposed to take place at home “doesn’t ”.

The good men from Optio cannot answer questions about an individual case, but one of them answers questions. She says, among other things, that she was good husband to Anna for ten months. During that time she did not visit Anna. When asked how she does to ensure that she interprets a main character correctly, she replies that you can either meet the person in person, through Teams or Skype, or talk through the staff or relatives, but that she did not meet Anna in person due to covid. The company Optio and the current good man also want to “state the importance of Anna’s integrity in this.”

The board of trustees and Optio respond

The chief guardianship unit in Ängelholm replies by email that they cannot answer questions about Anna’s case. But the chairman of the supervisory board, Karl-Erik Asp, who cannot comment on the individual case either, says, among other things, that if there should be a remark or concern that the good man does not represent a person’s best interests, it is the district court that decides about the good man done right or not.

Hear more about Optio’s and the board of trustees’ response in the program.

Anna’s brother Erik has appealed the decision on good man and requested to be one himself, but before the program is broadcast he is refused. He will appeal again:

– I have said all along that I wants not be a good man. I want to be a brother who is there and kind of has coffee and hangs out with her. But now it has sort of been unsustainable and Anna has only gotten worse and worse from this Optio AB.





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