Climate summary: Could Denmark soon have a new Swedish nuclear power plant as a neighbour?

Plans to build a new nuclear power plant near the decommissioned Barsebäck nuclear power plant are taking shape in Skåne in southern – an area just over 20 km across the from .

For decades, the Danish government tirelessly campaigned for its closure due to its proximity to Denmark.

But now it appears that the station’s owner, , is considering plans to build both a nuclear power plant and a clean energy park – at Kävlinge, one further inland, about 15 km away from Barsebäck.

If approved, both could be operational sometime in the 2030s.

Serious financing in place
In light of the energy , the new Swedish government considers both sets of plans viable. After all, nuclear power is not dependent on the weather.

The Swedish government is in favor of nuclear energy, and it allocates 400 billion Swedish kroner in credit guarantees to expand nuclear power in Sweden.

“Today we do not have enough energy in , and we would like to contribute with a solution. Positive signals are coming from the new government,” says Barsebäck’s managing director Åsa Carlson, employed by Uniper, to SVT.

Decommissioning of the old station began in 2005 and was due to be completed in 2028 with the final demolition of reactors one and two.

October 2022 one of the warmest ever in Denmark
It has been very hot this month, but maybe not the hottest ever. That record belongs to October 2006 with an average of 12.2 degrees, and it looks like October 2022 will fall short at 12.0. Still, it’s been warm lately, with daytime temperatures reaching 18 degrees in the south last week and nighttime temperatures around 10 degrees.

Tens of thousands participate in climate marches
According to the Copenhagen Police, between 30,000 and 40,000 people were involved in yesterday’s climate protest in the capital, which was organized by the Climate Movement in Denmark. Strikes were also held in Viborg, Aarhus, Odense, , , Helsingør, Nykøbing F, Ebeltoft, Odder, Silkeborg, Haderslev and Ærø. Prime Minister pressed the government to prioritize the green transition and responded personally by admitting to demonstrators in Copenhagen that the climate has not been high enough on the agenda in the political debate during the campaign.

Denmark is the world’s largest producer of meat per inhabitant
With 325.59 kg of meat per per capita, Denmark has the largest meat production in the world, ahead of (301.57 kg), Ireland (240.72 kg) and Mongolia (190.68 kg), according to statistics from the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization. Arable land makes up approximately 60 percent of Denmark’s total area, of which 75 percent of the production goes to feed animals. Dyrenes Beskyttelse Danmark has called for a smarter meat distribution, as many exports end up gong to distant countries.

Source: The Nordic Page

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