The robber turned pop idol in the Jailbird Singers | Part 1/2

The band Jailbird Singers is formed at in 1964. Robber Tony Granqvist, car thief Åke “Korpen” Johnson and safe-destroyer Tore “Masen” Eliasson find each other and get a record deal already in prison. Tony is a musical genius and the engine of the band. He is described as a new Swedish Elvis. In 1964, the band ventures out into the folk parks and ends up on with, among other things, “Där björkarna ”. The dream of a new life has come true. But the stripes from the criminal life are hard to wash off and something is happening to Tony.

The documentary is made by Alfred Sjelvgren and Malte Just.

Producers: Ola Hemström and Sofia Kottorp

The documentary is made in 2022.





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