Democrats are pinning their hopes on Obama

A man entered Speaker ’s home and attacked her husband. According to media reports, he should have been looking for the Speaker himself, but she was in Washington DC and not at home in San Francisco. How big is the risk of violence in connection with the 2022 election? Has the risk become more present in recent years?

The Democrats’ final sprint

With the midterm elections days away, many Democrats are nervous. There is a possibility that the Republicans will win not only the House of Representatives, but also the Senate. In an effort to win over voters in the final stages, former President is out campaigning for his party’s cause. Will he succeed, or is he too late?

HD and affirmative action

There are things happening in the Supreme Court and the view of affirmative action for black Americans in the nation’s universities. Fernando Arias explains what it is all about and how it could change parts of the US education system.

Cast: Ginna LindbergUSA commentator, Fernando Ariasformer New York correspondent and Roger WilsonUS Correspondent.

Host: Sarah Stenholm

Producer: Viktor Mattsson

Technician: Lisa Abrahamsson





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