YLE: More than half of MPs support increasing nuclear power capacity

The Parliament has a total of 200 members.

Many of the respondents, the broadcaster wrote, paid attention to small modular reactors, even though the question was about nuclear power in general. Joonas Könttä (The Center) estimates that the nuclear power legislation should be clarified so that the construction and start-up of small modular reactors would be possible as soon as the technology is available.

The Finnish Nuclear Energy Act is currently being amended to take new types of nuclear power plants into account. Energy companies that have expressed interest in small modular reactors include and Helen.

reminded that nuclear power is historically a more divisive issue than one might assume based on the research results and the expectations regarding the start-up of the third reactor of the .

The Green Party left power in 2002 with the ’s decision to build a fifth nuclear power plant in . It repeated the movement in 2014 as a protest against the fact that the government approved revisions to the permits of Fennovoima, the consortium planning to build a nuclear power plant in in Northern Ostrobothnia until last spring.

Over the years, the party has become more tolerant towards nuclear power, but most of its members were uncertain about the need to increase nuclear power capacity in Finland.

“The support for nuclear power is high, but building would be a cheaper and safer way to get more emission-free energy. Russia’s attack on Ukraine also serves as a reminder of the risks posed by nuclear power in crises. Fairy tale Hassi (Green).

“I guess we need to [nuclear energy] in the current situation for the transition period, but we don’t need new nuclear permits – instead, we should invest in genuinely renewable, risk-free forms of energy,” he repeated. Outi Alanko-Kahiluoto (Green).

According to YLE, the legislators who considered that additional nuclear power capacity was not needed mainly focused on the risks and environmental effects of the energy form.

Tarja Filatov (SDP) said it was critical of the construction of new nuclear power plants, especially due to hiccups that delayed the construction and start-up of the latest projects. “The risks of nuclear power plants have not gone away,” he said.

(LA) estimated that it would be a mistake to return nuclear power under the guise of , and questioned the arguments of his colleagues who praised nuclear power as a domestic and emission-free solution.

“Uranium mining alone causes significant environmental harm, not to mention how nuclear power threatens humanity through weapons technology,” he argued.

“Nuclear power is not economically viable without state support and it is still related to environmental and safety issues,” commented (SFP). “However, we should use our current capacity.”

Riku Huttunenhead of the energy department of the Ministry of Economy and Labour, told YLE reported on Monday that a decision on the construction of a new nuclear power plant could be made at the end of the decade at the earliest, because the environmental impact assessment is not currently underway.

“In addition to the environmental impact assessments, the type of reactor should have been selected and preliminary profitability calculations made – so this is not a sprint,” he said.

“If you’re talking about these small modular reactors, you can’t pick them up off the shelf. I’m sure the projects will take several years to come to fruition. We would probably be talking about the next decade, the 2030s, when these facilities could be in use.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page

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