I, Adam – an addict’s video blog

Adam Heij grows up with his mother, father and little brother in Mariestad. At school he is perceived as a bit careless, but Adam takes revenge and then studies at the University of Lund. But there also begins his addiction.

In the spring of 2018, Adam ends up in a treatment home. Then he also starts video blogging. Through the blog, we follow Adam’s last months of life. About homelessness, detoxification and the struggle to get help.

This is also a story about how the police and healthcare sound the alarm and municipalities that do not take their responsibility. Adam’s fight against alcohol and drugs also becomes a fight for the family, which in the end is close to destruction.

Reporter: Pernilla Wadebäck
Producer: Sofia Kottorp
Final mix Adam samuelsson

This program is a P4 Documentary and was first broadcast in 2020.






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