Risk of dementia decreases – lifestyle changes make a difference

In approximately 30 years, the incidence of in 88-year-olds in has decreased from approximately 40 percent down to 25 percent. It’s about everything from Alzheimer’s to Parkinson’s, , dementia and Lewy Body disease. This is shown by research that PhD student Hanna Wetterberg is working on at the . Research that has not yet had time to be scientifically reviewed and is unpublished.

The number who get dementia is increasing

At the same time, the number of people over 80 in Sweden is also increasing. The percentage is lower with dementia, but the number is higher. A challenging equation to put together, researchers note.

During a conference at the University Hospital in Uppsala, Professor Ingmar Skoog talks about these results. While Professor Miia Kivipelto can show how her FINGER study with lifestyle changes has reduced the risk of dementia for those with risk factors, and can also affect those with a mild Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

Lidingö first with a special brain gym for over 65s

Lidingö municipality is the first in Sweden to introduce the research-based method for lifestyle changes for people over 65 who have risk factors for Alzheimer’s. 74-year-old Maria Arwidson therefore does strength training twice a week and sets the egg timer to ring so as not to become sedentary in front of the TV or computer.

Participating are Ingmar Skoog, professor of psychiatric geriatrics and director of the center for aging and health at the University of , doctoral student Hanna Wetterberg, at the University of Gothenburg, Miia Kivipelto, professor of clinical geriatrics at the , and 74-year-old Maria Arwidson, who participates in the lifestyle change program for people over 65 at Lidingö Train Hjärna.

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