Trump is aiming for 2024

Former US President describes Democrats as evil people who are out to destroy the United States and current President warns of a democratic collapse.

USApodden is in the USA for the 2022 midterm elections and we begin our journey in New York and by discussing the tone of the American political debate and the status of the country’s democracy.

New York is interesting again

New York Governor Kathy Hochul probably thought the 2022 election would be a walk-off victory, but suddenly Republican challenger Lee Zeldin seems to have a slim chance of catching up.

This challenges the image of New York as a Democratic stronghold. How did it get that way? And does it say something about a changing political map?

Cast: Ginna LindbergUSA commentator, Kajsa Boglindpresenter P4 World and Martin GelinNew York correspondent for .

Host: Sarah Stenholm

Producer: Viktor Mattsson





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