Suspect arrested in a horrific Holbæk murder case

A suspect is in police custody after the fatal stabbing of a pregnant 37-year-old woman in on Thursday. He was arrested by the police this morning.

This is stated by the police in a statementthe suspect, a 24-year-old citizen of , was detained at 09:11 this morning.

“The arrested man is suspected of murdering the 37-year-old woman. The investigation is underway, and there are many roads left to be investigated,” says deputy police inspector Kim Løvkvist.

The suspect will have a hearing at Holbæk Court tomorrow with a request for custody.

Unborn child survives
The woman, who was also an Afghan citizen living in , was attacked in her car while it was parked outside the nursing home where she worked. A possible motive for the attack is currently not known.

The woman was seven months pregnant and her unborn child is in hospital and expected to survive.

Police are still looking for two young men who witnessed the stabbing. According to the authorities, they are getting closer to being found.

Source: The Nordic Page




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